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Top 5 Reasons to Use a Heat Press


Accurate pressure and temperature: In just one heat press application, your design is fully applied to a substrate at both an even and heavy pressure and a consistent and hot temperature. You don’t have to worry about applying the same amount of pressure with each swipe of the iron or guessing whether you ironed every inch of the design.


Longer lasting designs: Using a heat press helps ensure a proper release of the transfer paper design, which increases the design’s washability.
Average washes with a heat press: 10+ washes
Average washes with an iron: 7+ washes


Less application time: Heat press in a matter of seconds versus minutes of ironing.
Average heat pressing time: 14-16 seconds
Average ironing time: 90-120 seconds


Versatility: Expand the types of transfer paper and other heat transfer materials you can use to decorate.


Consistency: Imagine the decorating process as a mini assembly line in your craft room with equipment a major factor in production quality. With a reliable piece of equipment (i.e, a heat press), you end up with a consistent end-product each time. Using an iron allows for so much variation and inconsistency, which limits quality control (and increases frustration).

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