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How To Decorate Bags with Inkjet Transfers

Featuring InkTRA® Opaque Inkjet Transfer Paper



*For more accurate and defined edges, use a cutter instead of scissors. Order of instructional steps will vary according to cutter and cutter software program.



Part 1: Prepare Artwork

1. Customize design using Great Dane Graphics’ online customizer tool

2. Download and save graphic to Mac or PC

3. Resize image to fit on bag (no more than 720 dpi x 720 dpi).

Part 2: Print & Cut Artwork

1. Load printer, transfer paper facedown (lined side facing up)

2. Select Print Page › set paper type to other inkjet papers › Print.

3. Let ink set for 5-10 minutes before cutting.

4. Peel backing part way (do not remove completely).

Part 3: Heat Apply

1. Set the heat press to:
Temperature: 280°F
Time: 35 seconds
Pressure: Low/Medium

2. Prepress bag to remove moisture and wrinkles.

3. Completely peel backing from design; place design face up on bag.

4. Cover bag with kraft paper and heat press.

5. Peel hot