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How to Cut Inkjet Transfer Paper with a Cricut Cutter




  • Cap Heat Press
  • Cricut® cutter
  • Cricut® German Carbide Premium Blade
  • Desktop inkjet printer

For this tutorial, we used the Hotronix® Cap Heat Press, Cricut® Explore Air, and HP Deskjet 3520 Printer with OEM inks.


Part 1: upload artwork & print

1. Start a new project and upload artwork.

2. Select Image Type.

3. Preview image.

4. Select Save as Print Then Cut image.

5. Insert uploaded image and resize if needed.

6. Insert uploaded image & resize if needed.

If small enough, copy and paste your image to print more than one per sheet.

7. Load printer, transfer paper facedown (lined side facing up). Make sure the Cricut® machine is on.

8. Select Print Page › set paper type to other inkjet papers › Print.

Part 2: Cut & weed

1. Dial settings: Turn the dial to Iron-on. Be sure to test the dial settings before cutting large quantities.

2. Load machine: Place the transfer paper onto the cutting mat › select the flashing Load/Unload (arrow) button.

3. Cut design: Select the flashing Go button on the machine.

4. Unload machine: Select the Load/Unload button once cutting is complete.

5. Weed design: Remove access/scrap transfer paper so only the design remains. Let the ink set for 45-60 minutes before proceeding to the next step.

Use a weeding tool to remove small cavities.

Part 3: heat apply

1. Set the cap press to:
Temperature: 350° - 360° F
Time: 12-16 seconds
Pressure: Low/Medium

2. Lock cap in place.

Use a Print Perfect Pad to raise the cap, ensuring even pressure.

3. Prepress the cap to remove wrinkles.

4. Place the design face down on the cap, and heat apply.

Use Thermo-Tape™ to keep the design in place.

5. Peel hot.